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I’m a materials chemist with a specific interest in biomaterials. How could I be anything else after being given a ‘Chemistry 90’ set when I was 7 years old? Trust me, it’s the most amazing thing *ever* when you’re 7. So along with ponies and ballet and all the usual stuff little girls are into, I was passionate about was science even then. ‘Chemistry 90′ was the starting point for me and I did every experiment from cover to cover. It felt strangely dangerous. I did manage to spill methyl orange indicator on my parents’ carpet which granted, wasn’t my finest moment but thankfully it didn’t put me off. We needed a new carpet though.

It was during my PhD that I became passionate about promoting STEM subjects and I have  a wealth of experience. I perform entertaining science lectures and hands-on workshops in schools which aim to get young people excited about science via this practical approach. I also sub-edit and write for Chemistry Review and I very recently helped revise the content of a popular Chemistry text book.

You can hear me every week on BBC Radio York. ‘School-run Science with Dr. Jo’ has become a rather surprise hit, given that science generally doesn’t feature on the radio. I answers science questions, generally play the fool and try to explain key theories and concepts in the world of science. I also pitted my wits and scientific knowledge against other scientists in a Wellcome Trust sponsored online event called ‘I’m a Scientist, get me out of here’ and I was genuinely amazed when I won. You can read my profile here and if you’ve got a free afternoon to kill, take a look at the excellent questions I was asked.

I don’t look like that specky kid hovering over the sink anymore. Honestly, I am slightly more grown up now. Although I do have the same taste in groovy pyjamas, you’ll have to take my word on that. I don’t think your sense of style ever leaves you.

This blog is a collection of some of the science questions I never quite get ’round to answering. Hope you enjoy them.


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