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I deliver a wide variety of interactive workshops within schools, which I constantly revise and diversify to keep the sessions entertaining, educational and motivating. I have engaged in numerous STEM activities with undergraduate and postgraduate students, parents, academics, teachers, secondary and primary school pupils. I enjoy communicating STEM subjects through a whole range of different media including large-scale science shows, smaller practical classes for students of all ages, informative and relevant demonstrations to science teachers, science writing and weekly science radio shows.

I enjoy science busking too and performing simple, hands-on practicals to the public. They’re more engaged seeing science bought to life and I get to try and enthuse the next generation of scientists. Here I am demonstrating some experiments to highlight how important water is in our lives. See that blue crushed velvet tablecloth? We managed to get red food colouring all over it and I had to grovel. Sorry MOSI.

You can hear me every other Tuesday on BBC Radio York at about 15.30 on my radio slot called ‘School run Science’. Times vary a little bit depending on what’s happened in North Yorkshire that day. I live in a dynamic county, what can I say. I’ve been doing these science radio slots for 2 years and I thoroughly enjoy them. Talking about something different every week means I have a bank of roughly 100 different science shows. I’m in the process of putting all these onto a new website so teachers can access them for free.

You can listen live  at about 15.30 on Tuesdays here. My show is split into two with a song in the middle. People often ask me if I can choose my own music. Have a listen and take a wild guess.

Or catch up with my previous weeks show by clicking the ‘listen again’ link and finding the previous Tuesday and moving the cursor so it plays approx 30 minutes into that show. It’s a faff but hopefully worth it.


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