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Silver has been used as an antimicrobial agent for centuries and is a well established method for killing bacteria. It kills a broad spectrum of bacteria including hospital ‘superbugs’ and this has led in recent years to the development of novel silver-based wound dressings to aim to treat difficult to heal wounds in hospitals and care homes.

A microbial community (biofilm) on a medical device

Often, the concentrations of silver and the impregnation methods utilised to construct such dressings serve to make the devices very expensive. My research, entitled ‘structure-function relations in novel antibacterial silver nanoparticles’ was carried at the University of York, funded by Smith & Nephew plc. I focussed on the relationship between the physico-chemical properties and antimicrobial effectiveness to understand and develop innovative silver nanoparticles, capable of killing bacteria effectively.

Using a variety of synthesised amorphous and mesoporous chemical supports, different sizes of silver nanoparticles could be grown on these structures and could be tuned to boost efficacy. A range of surface and bulk techniques were been employed to elucidate phase, size and dissolution profile, for example. Although my PhD was in chemistry, I am also a fully trained microbiologist so I carried out all my own microbial testing.

The most active powder samples were impregnated into polyurethane foams. These are potentially cheap to produce and are highly antimicrobially active. I could seriously talk all day about this. But I won’t. If you want to read more about my research, these couple of papers are a good starting point With free additional info here With free additional info here

Or this short article sums it up nicely…





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